Ljungsåsa AB

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Ljungsåsa AB manufactures furniture and furniture components as sub-supplier to several well known Nordic furniture companies and design houses.​

​In the production extensive furniture making tradition and competence are combined with the use of advanced CAD systems and CNC machines to safeguard customers requirements of highest quality, flexibility and short delivery time.

​The 5 000 m2 production facility includes an indoor wood drying plant, complete machine hall, surface treatment, assembly and ware house.​​

The manufacturing is focused on high end tables and table tops for home and public use in solid wood, veneer or laminated designs.​​​

​Ljungsåsa AB is FSC certified since 2016.

Ljungsåsa AB
Växjövägen 42
SE 363 45 Lammhult


+46 472 26 99 50